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Treatment of Diabetic Foot: How to Care for and Prevent Complications

Treatment of Diabetic Foot: How to Care for and Prevent Complications. The treatment of diabetic foot is primarily palliative, focusing on regular therapy and activity limitation. Amputation may become necessary in cases where ulceration is unmanageable. That’s why, at Eternal Medical Center, we advocate for the use of Stem Cells. Understanding Diabetic Foot Diabetes can […]

Step by Step: Safeguarding Your Feet from Diabetic Complications

Safeguarding Your Feet from Diabetic Complications. Preventing Diabetic Foot Complications From 19% to 34% of diabetics will develop a diabetic foot ulcer (DFU) at some point in their lives. The risk of experiencing a DFU increases with the duration of diabetes. Therefore, the primary prevention measure is to control your diabetes. It’s crucial for diabetics […]

Understanding Diabetic Foot Symptoms: Recognizing the Warning Signs

Understanding Diabetic Foot Symptoms: Diabetic foot symptoms can be subtle but are crucial to catch early to prevent complications. If you have diabetes, it’s essential to pay close attention to any signs and symptoms related to your feet. This article will guide you through the common symptoms of diabetic foot problems and help you understand […]

Stem cells and the diabetic foot

The treatment of diabetic feet with adult stem cells is obtaining outstanding results in several studies worldwide. The American Diabetes Association estimates that complications of UPD cause 85 percent of one leg amputated every 30 to two worldwide. But today, doctors can save lower limbs from amputation. Stem cells have the ability to replace damaged […]