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Benefits of stem cells


Poor circulation is a condition characterized by the difficulty of blood to pass through veins and arteries, and it can be identified by the presence of certain signs and symptoms such as cold feet, swelling, pain, tingling sensation, and drier skin.
Key symptoms to identify circulation problems include cold, dry, or scaly skin; itching in the legs; red spots on the legs; presence of small blood vessels or varicose veins; swollen ankles and feet; pale or bluish discoloration in areas of poor circulation; leg cramps; tingling, pricking, or numbness in the legs; absence of hair on the legs; and cracks in the heels.

The potential of mesenchymal stem cells to treat circulation problemns has been confirmed.

Pluripotent stem cells, after purification and injection into the patient, can develop into new and healthy muscle cells in the heart, stimulating the growth of new blood vessels in a process called angiogenesis.
The new blood vessels can provide better blood flow to the heart and improve circulation.
Researchers have used umbilical cord stem cells to even treat heart failure in first-class studies.

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