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Benefits of stem cells


Fatty liver develops when the body produces too much fat or does not metabolize fat properly.
Fatty liver disease is a silent condition that has few or no symptoms. If symptoms occur, they may include feeling tired or experiencing discomfort in the upper right side of the abdomen.
Stem cells, due to their regenerative effect, have been shown to be highly effective in addressing liver diseases, ranging from early-stage fatty liver to advanced problems such as cirrhosis or cancer.
By nature, the liver is the organ with the greatest regenerative capacity, and stem cells enhance and accelerate that process.

The potential of mesenchymal stem cells to treat fatty liver has been confirmed.

Several scientific studies from prestigious universities and medical centers around the world agree that stem cells possess significant therapeutic and regenerative potential. They can treat patients diagnosed with liver cirrhosis and repair and regenerate a chronically diseased liver.
Today, thanks to advances in cellular and regenerative medicine, it has been demonstrated that stem cells are capable of replacing damaged or non-functional hepatocytes and promoting the endogenous regeneration of the liver parenchyma.

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