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IPN Stem Cells: Pioneering Retinal Regeneration Research

The Instituto Politécnico Nacional (IPN), also known as “El Politécnico” or “El Poli.” Is one of Mexico’s oldest research and educational institutions at the upper secondary, higher, and postgraduate levels. Recently, researchers at the IPN have been making strides in regenerative medicine. Focusing on stem cells and their potential in retinal regeneration.

IPN Scientists Exploring Stem Cells for Retinal Regeneration

At the Center for Research and Advanced Studies (Cinvestav) of the IPN. A team of scientists led by Dr. Mónica Lamas Gregori of the Pharmacobiology Department is studying stem cells and their applications in regenerative medicine, particularly for the retina.

Focus on Retinopathy and Clinical Trials

The research team is analyzing stem cells across different age groups and is conducting studies on various retinal pathologies. Including diabetic retinopathy, a disease for which no treatment currently exists. In these trials, the team induces the condition in animals to evaluate the response to stem cell therapy.

 IPN Stem Cells

Communiqué from the IPN on Stem Cells

In an official statement, the IPN highlighted stem cell transplants as a key strategy. The aim is to culture and direct stem cells in the laboratory, guiding them to generate specific cell types. The team is conducting clinical trials with various stem cell types from diverse origins. Exploring transplant options, and introducing molecules and signals into the eye.

Potential for Retinal Regeneration

The team emphasizes that no clinical solutions currently exist for retinopathy, and all treatments aim to slow cell death. However, this study could lead to the regeneration of dead cells in these diseases, potentially offering a cure. Moreover, they are also working with human cell lines, although studying molecular regeneration mechanisms remains complex


Stem cells hold immense potential in regenerative medicine, particularly for retinal health. Current research focuses on harnessing stem cells to regenerate retinal cells, offering new treatments for conditions like diabetic retinopathy. Clinical trials explore how these cells can be guided to specific functions. Various models are being investigated for retinal diseases, including glaucoma. This research provides promising avenues for curing eye conditions, advancing medical science, and offering hope to those suffering from degenerative retinal diseases.

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