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Sciatica Treatment: Understanding Your Options

Sciatica is a common symptom of various medical conditions; however, it’s estimated that 90% of cases are due to a herniated disc. The spine consists of vertebrae (individual bones in the spine protecting underlying nerves), nerves, and discs. These discs are made of cartilage, a strong and resilient material that acts as a cushion between […]

Sciatica Prevention: Key Strategies for a Pain-Free Life

Preventing sciatica involves adopting measures to avoid triggers and maintain spinal health. Avoiding obesity maintaining a healthy weight, walking at least five hours a week, and engaging in sports that strengthen lumbar muscles, such as swimming or tennis, are foundational. Proper bending techniques—bending at the knees with a straight back instead of bending at the […]

Sciatica Treatment: Understanding Your Options

Sciatica treatment varies based on the severity of the patient’s condition. Pain relievers and physical therapy are the most common treatments. For severe sciatica or continuous flare-ups, treatment is necessary to prevent worsening over time. Most people will find that non-surgical remedies and regular exercise greatly alleviate the pain. For others, when the pain is […]

Sciatica Symptoms: Understanding the Pain from Spine to Leg

Sciatica manifests as pain originating in the spinal column and spreading down the back of the leg, typically affecting just one side of the body. For some individuals, sciatic pain can be intense and debilitating, while for others, it might be sporadic and annoying, with a potential for worsening over time. Generally, sciatica impacts only […]