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Understanding Osteoporosis: Causes, Risk Factors, and Lifestyle Choices

Understanding Osteoporosis: Causes. Alcoholism, medications (glucocorticoids, hormone therapy used for breast and prostate cancer treatment…), rheumatic, endocrine, liver diseases, renal insufficiency, among others. Bones are in a constant state of renewal: new bones develop, and old bones break down. For instance, when you’re young, the development of new bones outpaces bone breakdown in the body, […]

Unlocking Osteoporosis Prevention: Nutrition, Exercise, and Vitamin D for Strong Bones

Osteoporosis prevention should start from childhood. Daily consumption of calcium-rich foods, such as milk and dairy products, along with regular physical activity, contribute to acquiring and maintaining sufficient bone mass. Good nutrition and regular exercise are essential for keeping bones healthy throughout life. Calcium Men and women aged 18 to 50 need 1000 milligrams of […]