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Alarming Statistics: The Reality of Diabetes in Mexico and How to Prevent It Effectively

Diabetes in Mexico is a leading cause of death, potentially ranking as the second deadliest disease after heart-related illnesses. Approximately 107,000 Mexicans have succumbed to this condition, with numbers rising, especially in cities like Tabasco and Tlaxcala. While over 107,000 deaths in Mexico are attributed to diabetes, 4 million individuals have been diagnosed with the […]

Diabetes: Understanding Its Impactful Complications and Prevention for a Healthy Life

Diabetes: Understanding Its Impactful Complications When dealing with diabetes, it’s crucial to be aware of the severity of the disease and the potential complications that might not be commonly known. Diabetes is a condition where blood sugar levels remain elevated, originating from the food consumed daily. It can be classified into Type 1 and Type […]

Curb the Silent Killer: Join the Fight Against Diabetes-related Deaths Now!

According to the Mexican Diabetes Federation, diabetes is one of the deadliest diseases in Mexico and worldwide. It’s not because it can’t be controlled; there are treatments available. It’s because this disease often stems from poor eating habits and the misuse of sugary foods. Understanding the Types Diabetes has five specific types: Type I, Type […]

Join the Revolution in Type 1 Diabetes Treatment with Stem Cells!

Diabetes Treatment with Stem Cells. Over the course of a century, individuals with type 1 diabetes have transitioned from having a life-threatening disease to a chronic condition. Nowadays, it is possible to lead a normal life with the right treatment, diet, and physical exercise. All of this is thanks to the discovery of insulin at […]

Treatment of Diabetic Foot: How to Care for and Prevent Complications

Treatment of Diabetic Foot: How to Care for and Prevent Complications. The treatment of diabetic foot is primarily palliative, focusing on regular therapy and activity limitation. Amputation may become necessary in cases where ulceration is unmanageable. That’s why, at Eternal Medical Center, we advocate for the use of Stem Cells. Understanding Diabetic Foot Diabetes can […]

Step by Step: Safeguarding Your Feet from Diabetic Complications

Safeguarding Your Feet from Diabetic Complications. Preventing Diabetic Foot Complications From 19% to 34% of diabetics will develop a diabetic foot ulcer (DFU) at some point in their lives. The risk of experiencing a DFU increases with the duration of diabetes. Therefore, the primary prevention measure is to control your diabetes. It’s crucial for diabetics […]

Understanding Diabetic Foot Symptoms: Recognizing the Warning Signs

Understanding Diabetic Foot Symptoms: Diabetic foot symptoms can be subtle but are crucial to catch early to prevent complications. If you have diabetes, it’s essential to pay close attention to any signs and symptoms related to your feet. This article will guide you through the common symptoms of diabetic foot problems and help you understand […]

Unlocking the Secrets to Diabetes Prevention: Your Path to a Healthier Future

Unlocking the Secrets to Diabetes Prevention. If you’re at risk of developing diabetes, it’s possible to prevent or delay it. Most of the things you need to do involve adopting a healthier lifestyle. This is the most emphatic advice from the CDC through its National Diabetes Prevention Program. By making these changes, you’ll also gain […]

Managing Diabetes: A Comprehensive Guide to Treatment and Healthy Living

Diabetes: Treatment and Healthy Living. Diabetes is a condition that affects millions of people worldwide. While there’s no cure for this chronic ailment, there are effective ways to manage it and lead a healthy life. In this comprehensive guide, we’ll explore the primary treatments for diabetes, how they vary depending on the type of diabetes, […]

Symptoms of Diabetes

Sometimes, there are no symptoms of diabetes. When symptoms do appear, they usually include excessive thirst or urination, fatigue, unexplained weight loss, or blurry vision. As explained by the CDC in its article on diabetes symptoms to be taken as a warning, the following are mentioned: The symptoms of type 1 diabetes can appear rapidly, […]